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Our StreetMercy teams are out on the streets of Sofia (Bulgaria) and Chişinau (Moldova) right now, providing hot food and drinks, bedding and clothing, and friendship - and they're arranging urgent medical help and accommodation wherever possible.   For Vanyo (above), this makes all the difference - he and his wife Yulia are so thankful to be given caring attention after their unfortunate spiral down into homelessness.

Would you like to be a part of showing love and restoring dignity to those that others reject and overlook at this most crucial time of year? 

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Thank you so much!

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Bridge of Prayer February-March 2018 / 31/01/2018

Click here or on the image below for a link to the online copy (pdf) of our Bridge of Prayer. You are welcome to print it...

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Operation Christmas Love / 17/01/2018

Here's a short video showing our Romanian team and volunteers packing the boxes ready for distribution. This happens in all our 6 field countries (perhaps not all as big an operation as in Romania). Enjoy...

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