Mission Without Borders
"Supporting those in desperate need"

Frequently asked questions


Which countries do you work in?

Our work is based in Eastern Europe - specifically: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.


Is Mission Without Borders NZ a registered charity?

Yes. We are a charitable trust and are registered under the Charities Act 2000. Our number is CC37218 and you can view our audited accounts from the Charities Register.


Do you use volunteers?

All the full-time work we do in the countries where we have programmes is undertaken by locals whom we employ and train. In our NZ office we have an array of volunteers who support our fundraising work. For more information on how you can volunteer your time, contact us.


Do you only help Christian people?

No. We serve all people without regard to their religion or ethnic background. All aspects of our Christian outreach work are presented as an offer not as a condition for our beneficiaries to receive aid. Everything we do, of course, we do in the love and name of Christ.


How are you funded?

Virtually all our income is from donations received from the public.


How successful is the work?

We maintain long-term local presence in the countries where we work and employ primarily national staff, enabling Mission Without Borders to identify and address the most important and urgent needs of each country. Some of our 2017 achievements include:

  • US$10 million worth of goods donated by companies and individuals across the world
  • 9,258 children are supported through our sponsorship programme
  • 1,947 families are supported through our family sponsorship programme
  • 3,668 children were able to attend summery camp
  • 91 families we supported are now self-sufficent and no longer need our support
  • 362 students were provided with scholarships and vocational training


Who is on your board?

Harry Graham is based in the UK office, but is also the President and Chairs the NZ trust Board and the MWB International Board.
Billy Temlett is a NZ trustee and the immediate Past President and now President Emeritus.
Alan Donswyk is a trustee and is the international Chief Financial Officer.
Peter van der Bijl is a trustee and is Country Manager of MWB Holland (Missie over Grenzen) and the Belgium office.
Clarey Rudd is a trustee. He runs his own book-retailing business in California.