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Stickmen For Stats Romania


MWB has worked openly in Romania since 1990. Ceausescu's enforced population programme resulted in over 100,000 orphaned or abandoned children living in hundreds of dilapidated state orphanages. The desperate plight of these children motivated MWB to establish our child sponsorship programme.


With Romania's entry into the EU, a policy of deinstitutionalisation has come into effect. Many homes have been closed.

Children have been given foster homes, or re-united with their own families and many are living in much smaller units. The work with these children still continues. They often have severe problems having known nothing but the fight of institutional life. The stigma and the lack of social skills make it very difficult for them to find work. We have therefore introduced Vocational and Educational training courses.

Many families struggle to survive in desperate poverty. Their needs are met through our Family to Family sponsorship programme and Family Care schemes.

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