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Ukraine - The War is Still Going...

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Millions living under the shadow of death

At times of conflict, it's the most vulnerable people who suffer most: children, the elderly and the poor.The elderly make up almost 30 per cent of people in need and are the most vulnerable group of all, with nearly one in two suffering from severe psychological distress. Over 12,000 children experience shelling at least once a month. 

During the crisis, local churches are playing a key role in the region. Before the war, we were not working directly in Eastern Ukraine, but through close relationships developed with local churches in the conflict zones, we provide humanitarian aid to Eastern Ukraine such as roofing materials, beds and mattresses and food supplies.

Considerable quantities of practical help have already been delivered, but we anticipate that the needs will only increase so long as the conflict continues.

Ukrainians, not only in the east but across the country, need support now more than ever in 2018. Through your support, we can reach them, including war refugees, with practical, emotional and spiritual support, teaching them to trust in Jesus and know his love, even during the trauma of war. Here are three ways you can help: Prayer, a gift, and sponsorship of a Ukrainian family.

Thank you once again for your generosity and for keeping in mind and heart a forgotten part of the world that God dearly loves.