Mission Without Borders
"Supporting those in desperate need"

Communitiestitle Caring for the homeless

Street mercy

Working with partner churches in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria and Chisinau capital of Moldova, MWB StreetMercy teams are serving hot soup and bread to people in need.

A leader from one of MWB's partner churches tells us, "On the street, you'll find shocking stories of ordinary men and women who have lost their jobs or been cheated out of their homes by relatives. Some have illnesses which stop them from working, while others are caught in the poverty trap: They struggle to pull themselves up from the bottom of society. Many have given up trying."

MWB meets those in need just where they are. In 2017, we gave out over 100,000 meals to homeless people in Bulgaria and Moldova, most of whom shelter during the freezing temperatures in abandoned buildings, near air-conditioning plant, in underground service tunnels, or under cardboard.  

Just $20 is enough to feed one person for a week!