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"Supporting those in desperate need"

Communitiestitle Caring for the homeless

Street Mercy


Estimated 500,000 homeless in Bulgaria

In Moldova and Bulgaria there are limited employment opportunities even for university graduates. Coupled with a lack of rights for tenants mean means eviction can be swift and leave people on the streets with no money for food. Limited government support for people who are homeless exacerbates the problem and provides little hope of a way out.

For Viorel (pictured), the path to homelessness was quick. "My wife died, I had a daughter, but 18 years ago she went abroad, and I haven't heard from her since."

Viorel then tried to rebuild his life, but his girlfriend became abusive and finally drove him out of his own apartment that he'd lived in for 30 years. "One day when I came home she'd thrown all my belongings out the window, so I was homeless"

 Street Mercy Meals


What we do

Every year we provide hundreds of people in Moldova and Bulgaria warm meals and the love of Jesus Christ through our Street Mercy work.

Just $20 provides five hot meals to a homeless person and the love and care from our staff and volunteers.

"When someone is sad, we pray for them. When a person needs medical care we take care of them, visit them at the hospital and meet their needs. In this way we become part of their lives, involved in their pains and difficulties they undergo. We are seeing great change amongst the homeless." Ani, Mission Coordinator 


For $20 you feed a person living on the streets for a week

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