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Communitiestitle Hope for prisoners


Feeling God's presence amid the darkness. 

Over 1,400 women are detained in Târgsor, Romania's only female prison, living in conditions deemed inhumane by the European Court of Human Rights, with worn-out plumbing, vermin, and poor food.

"It was madness in there. There were 16 women in one cell and we were kept there for 20 to 22 hours a day. I became very depressed and tried to take my life," said Cristina*.

Cristina has three children who she rarely sees as visiting the prison is difficult due to its remote location and a required hotel stay, which most people can't afford.

Our Prison Care ministry helps make it possible for children, like Christina's, to visit their parents on a regular basis. "They miss her so much," said Aglaia, the boys' grandmother.

Our local Mission's coordinator, Lilian, holds weekly devotions and counselling sessions which Cristina enthusiastically attends. "I feel encouraged whenever we sing and pray and I feel God's presence there. It's as if he wants to talk to me," Cristina shared.

Can you help us restore these relationships, share the Good News, and provide practical support to those in Prison in Romania and Bulgaria?



*Name changed