Mission Without Borders
"Supporting those in desperate need"

Family Sponsorship in Eastern Europe

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How does my sponsorship help a family?

Your support is crucial to help move a family from dependency to self-sufficiency by:

  • Bringing the gospel through a Bible and regular home visits.
  • Providing a monthly parcel of staple foods.
  • Ensuring access to healthcare and hygiene needs.
  • Bringing long-term, sustainable change through income projects.

How family sponsorship works

Becoming self-reliant takes time. Our first priority is to meet basic needs. We offer monthly assistance with food, clothing or hygiene parcels. As your sponsored family becomes stronger, your support allows us to work with them in planning steps towards independence.


Developing a personal relationship

You can send letters and presents and pray for your family. In return, you'll receive regular photographs and reports, showing the difference your support is making. Many sponsors also take the opportunity to visit their family.


How much does it cost

For $45 a month you can support family to become independent. You will be one of four sponsors for your family.


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