"Helping to change lives in Eastern Europe"

Families Operation Christmas Love

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Let's help them celebrate Christmas!


To help them celebrate, we can provide families like the Dragomirs, the elderly, disabled and other poor and disadvantaged people with some basic foodstuffs, treats and little gifts, and the opportunity to learn about the real meaning of Christmas: that Jesus, God's love in Person, came to earth for them.*

For several years now with the generosity of a great many New Zealanders, thousands of people have been able to celebrate Christmas. Let's do it again this year.

Would you be willing to help us?

Each Christmas Love parcel costs about $45 to assemble and deliver. You may like to consider these options:

•$45 for one parcel
•$90 for two parcels
•$180  for 4 parcels
•$450 for 10 parcels
•Other $............. (your choice)


PS Many grateful thanks to the many folk who have already supported this project so generously - you are amazing!


*We also offer them a Children's Bible and something to tell them about the first Christmas Story.