"Sowing hope into lives"

Families Thousands of families will need help this northern winter

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Let's help them keep warm and know they matter!

"Without your help, we wouldn't have been able to survive"

These desperate words from Tetyana came from the depths of her soul. Struggling to provide for her children on her small income and caring for an ill husband had pushed her to breaking point at the coldest and bleakest time of the year.

These same words are on the lips of countless others that we serve all over Eastern Europe as they face icy temperatures of below -20, with little winter clothing, footwear, firewood and food. Indeed, like the father, Vasyl, many families are so relieved and overwhelmed when we arrive with much needed practical help, and some Christmas cheer in the form of a Christmas Love box to combat the cold and desperation, that they feel that God Himself has not forgotten them."God has brought you to us", Vasyl told us earlier this year.

Last year, we were able to touch thousands of families' lives across Eastern Europe and we would love to be able to reach out to even more this year. But we need your help.

Would you like to become an extension of God's love and provision for families and the elderly desperately struggling to survive the harsh northern winter? Your gift could make a big impact.

Here are examples of what your gift could do:

•$20 could pay for fuel for a delivery van
•$45 could deliver a Christmas Love parcel to a family
•$80 could get warm coats and winter boots to a family
•$200 could pay for a life-saving load of firewood or briquettes for a family or elderly person


Thank you so much!