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People are fleeing the conflict in Eastern Ukraine as it violence takes over their towns.

Sergiy, Lyudmyla and family fled with no savings, no belongings and a future filled with uncertainty.

"We were scared, more for the children than for ourselves. Our town no longer had any police. It was full of killers and lawbreakers; they were firing at helicopters," said Sergiy, father of three.

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What we do

We are working with many families, like Sergiy and Lyudmyla, on a Self-Sufficiency Project. These struggling families in Ukraine are supported with an income generating project tailored to their skills. This is proving to be a huge winner - bringing hope and self-esteem while helping the family to become independent.

Viktor and his family recently received a motorised cultivator which helps prepare his soil for harvest.

"It's very hard work and a lot of difficulties occur. I thought about quitting a couple of times. There were lots of reasons to give up: drought, rain, lack of resources and time, absence of equipment and tools, economic chaos. Farming was nearly impossible before we had the right technical equipment," he said.

Viktor proudly shared how much has changed since he got his Self-Sufficiency Project gift, "People from town love to buy our organic vegetables. From year to year we try to improve and extend our farming. Before, we weren't able to buy clothing and footwear, not to mention urgent expenses such as medicine and utility bills. I learnt to trust God with all my heart."


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