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Winter Rescue

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As the harsh winter approaches parents across Eastern Europe anxiously ask themselves, 'how are we going to make it through the winter?'


The weather can turn bitterly cold as early as November in Eastern Europe.

Families living in poverty are forced to choose between heating their homes or feeding their children. There are hundreds of thousands who are unemployed, on a pension, handicapped, receiving a meagre wage, all of whom are unable to cover their food and heating costs.

Decrepit roofs, broken windows, and draughty walls make children prone to sickness but there is no money to pay for medicine.


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This winter we are providing vitally needed food, essential clothing and emergency shelter. Your gift could provide a homeless person with warm boots, a family with emergency shelter or an older person with a hot meal.


"Thank you from all my heart for the shoes you gave to my child. His old ones were torn. We have no job and cannot buy bread, let alone shoes and clothes." Tsanka, Ukraine



For $80 you can deliver coats and boots to a family freezing this winter

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You will be taken through to Paypal and asked to provide your contact details and complete your transaction. We aim to issue you a receipt of your donation within 3 working days.




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