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My story

Running an Ultra Marathon for me is a huge challenge. I have always loved sport and played many different types over the years. I started running off and on over the last ten years and really getting into the sport of running over the last twelve months. Running an Ultra became my goal after thinking about how to next challenge myself in my chosen sport. An Ultra is 50km (or more) of running, a block further than a marathon I'm told. I want to run this Ultra to prove to myself that I can- not only in running but in all aspects of my life- achieve whatever it is that I want for my life. I want to show people that if you've ever wanted to do something but thought it was too far out of your reach, that you would never be able to complete it- that you can. You are only limited by your imagination. Dream big and stop playing small with your life!

I choose to run this Ultra for a charity- Mission Without Borders. This charity provides hope and help to countries and people that need belief- belief that they are loved and not forgotten.


Please help me in fundraising for this charity.

I am running 50km. I am asking YOU to donate $45- less than a $1 per km- to purchase a Christmas Box that is distributed to those in need. A Christmas Box provides essential items that a family needs and usually something a little extra for Christmas. How amazing would it feel to be part of a collective group who gift over 10 boxes to this charity?? Or 20?? I'll do the run, will you do the donation? I will regularly update on the Ultra day with my progress, you can feel my pain and my jubilation when I cross that finish line!





You will be taken through to Paypal and asked to provide your contact details and complete your transaction. We aim to issue you a receipt of your donation within 3 working days. All donations over $5 are tax deductible.

How a Christmas Love Box changes lives

Thousands of families across Eastern Europe struggle to survive, and for many, Christmas is a luxury they can't afford.  

Through our Christmas Love Box, we show the love of Christ in a practical way to families living in poverty, to ease their burden at Christmas time, and to let them know they do not struggle alone. Every year we gift 30,000 boxes to people in Eastern Europe.

Each box costs $45 and contains a selection of rice, pasta, sugar, flour, tinned meat, tinned vegetables, biscuits, soup mix, cooking oil, condensed milk, jam, sweets, and chocolate. Where possible we include gifts for the children, blankets and warm clothes.


Treat someone this Christmas.

"This box makes me feel unforgotten and not alone. Thank you for bringing the holiday's joy on our table through this gift. Now I feel that Christmas is a special time that spreads kindness and hope." Alexandru, aged 14 


Treat someone this Christmas