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Getinvolvedtitle Hints and Tips

Cable needles
To keep from losing your cable needle between twist rows, try sticking the needle into your watchband.
Knit a little stuffed ball, like a small pincushion and hang it on a cord around your neck. Now you have a tool to hang tapestry needles and cable needles when not in use.

Changing colours
When changing colours in a rib; knit the entire first row of the new colour, work the next row with the same colour in the normal rib pattern. This avoids the "spotty" effect of the purl stitches and gives a clean line. From Bev - KnitKnutz Contribution

Is it Wool or Synthetic?
If you have yarn with no labels on and you wish to check if it is synthetic or wool, try burning a small amount of about 2cm using a lighted match. Synthetic disintegrates to a sticky bit, but wool goes out with little or no burning and has a burning smell.

Plastic Needles
Plastic needles can become brittle if not used for some time, so before you begin, soak then in warm water for a few minutes.

Fancy patterns
When knitting a baby layette in fancy pattern, knit the booties to try the pattern, less stitches to undo.

Hints for Joining Squares
Double CrochetDouble Crochet in 1st stitch on 1st square,
1 chain, Double Crochet on 2nd Square,
1 chain, Repeat across Square

Place 2 Squares together and using Contrast colour,Contrast
Double Crochet through both Squares to end

Knitting Hints

  • On Garter Stitch Squares, Knit K1 P1 row when adding a new colour.
  • Wool in preference to synthetics (it gets very cold)
  • Double knit or 2 strands 4-ply 
  • 4mm needles (old size 8 needles)
  • To cast off very loosely, use a needle at least 2 sizes bigger
  • The ideal size for each blanket is Single bed size (165cm x 135cm)

Gift Packs
Taranaki coordinators have been inspired by a lady who does gift pack for the Children, She has been doing these packs for the last four years.These packs contain everything that a child would need.
The boy pack contains:

  • woollen hat, 
  • a pair of socks 
  • a scarf 
  • toothpaste and brush 
  • a cake of soap in a soap container 
  • a nail brush 
  • an exercise book 1b5 
  • a pack of 8 crayons 
  • 3 pens 
  • a colouring in book set 
  • a note book 
  • and three pencils.

Giftpack 04
The Girl packs contained much the same as the Boys pack with the addition of a skipping rope.