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Sudden cold blast across Ukraine

Breaking news: Earlier than usual cold has killed 61 Ukrainians already


Report from Volodymyr Brychuk, Communications Manager MWB Ukraine

 WintertownviewDue to the extreme cold and snow storms this December (2012), a total of 61 people have frozen to death in Ukraine, 41 in the streets, nine of them dying in hospitals, and nine in homes, according to Ukrainian Health Ministry reports. A total of 190 people have asked for medical assistance, and 162 of them were hospitalized, the ministry's press service reported.

The wind speed in some Western Ukrainian areas reached 35 meters per second. The night temperatures this week are going to reach -28C over most of Ukraine these days. The government is setting up emergency shelters all over the country. Every region's main city is supposed to have centres where the homeless can get warmth and food.

Mission Without Borders in Ukraine takes care of 420 poor and needy families and our on-going Operation Winter Rescue provides warmth to many families in the form of heating material (firewood, peat), warm shoes and clothing.

The government pays special attention to safety as nearly 100,000 children are housed in the State-run institutions. MWB-Ukraine cooperates with 52 such Homes- providing material, spiritual and emotional help. We believe our earlier deliveries of goods and other items, contributed to keeping children warm and safe.

The weather Forecast Centre in Ukraine advises that temperatures will rise/fluctuate in Ukraine only after 28 December 2012.

Last February (2012), as Ukraine went through its coldest winter in six years, and over 130 people died of cold.