Mission Without Borders
"Supporting those in desperate need"

From Persecution to Romania's Poorest

MWB's Romania country Manager: Eugene Macavei


MWB's manager in Romania remembers persecution under Ceausescu and now looks forward to feeding the homeless of Craiova.IMG_7855 Comp Cropt

Eugen (Jimmy) Macavei has spent eight years with MWB Romania. In a specially commissioned interview, Jimmy tells us about himself, life in Romania, and the blessings, challenges and joys of working alongside some of Europe's most disadvantaged.

Daily, Jimmy works with his team to meet Romania's most vulnerable people. And there are more and more of these. For Romania suffers from increasingly high living costs and still struggles with the legacy of communist-era leader Nicolae Ceausescu (1918-89).

Jimmy says that "since 2011, we've had a 25 per cent increase in electricity prices. Petrol and diesel cost the same as in Western Europe - yet our salaries remain very, very low." So many more people find it difficult to survive. "Even if you earn above the average, you struggle. And if you have two or three children, it's difficult to get from one month to the next."

Jimmy would like to meet all MWB's supporters. Because, he states, "it is only thanks to you that we can do the work at all."