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Elections in Ukraine - Sunday 28 October 2012


Ukraine Flag
Ukrainian elections on Sunday were the first national vote in the country since President Viktor Yanukovych beat Mrs Tymoshenko in the 2010 presidential poll.

On Sunday 28 October, the people of Ukraine voted under a new electoral law that was approved by both government and opposition parties. Drafted with the help of international bodies (the Venice Commission and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), the law helps Ukraine make progress toward genuine, democratic electoral processes in line with European standards.

At the time of posting this item, votes are still being counted. The voting and vote-counting processes are the subject of much controversy in this relatively new, post-Soviet era democracy.
Nearly 3,800 international official observers monitored the parliamentary elections in Ukraine, where it has been reported that the share of information about the elections in news programmes on the main Ukrainian TV channels reached more than 20 per cent. At the same time, candidates and analysts predicted that bribery to secure votes would be rampant: A poll in March this year concluded that 66% of respondents believed the election would not be fair, while only 18% disagreed.
Mission Without Borders' manager in Ukraine, Mykola Bogdanets, and his team work to support the elderly, families in need and children in Homes, across the north-east of this huge country.
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