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Lost child loved at Ukrainian summer camp


She has suffered great loss in her ten years, but Yaroslava experienced a real joy at Camp, saying that "Summer Camp has surpassed all my expectations!"

That's because at a MWB Summer Camp in Ukraine, Yaroslava received back some of her stolen childhood: When small, she was nearly poisoned by her drug-addict mother, who then abandoned her. And because her father cannot look after her, she is growing up in a children's Home. So there is little joy in her life.

Yaroslava SzedBut where Yaroslava was robbed of love, at Camp "it seems like everyone loves you and wants to help and protect you. The atmosphere here is so special and friendly. We are all treated with respect. It is really amazing."

Yaroslava made friends and took part in the Camp Bible groups. "I've got to know that God is love. Actually, I've learnt a lot about God and how Jesus died on the cross for me to forgive all my sins."

Camp was a transforming time for Yaroslava: "I've been really happy here! Thank you dear supporters, for giving me such a great time! Thank you so much!"
Watch Yaroslava at Summer Camp.