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Top marks for girl on MWB scholarship

Breaking out of poverty through a university scholarship from MWB


The daughter of a sponsored family in Albania is breaking out of poverty through a university scholarship from MWB.

The new student, Tiziana (right), recently met MWB's family co-ordinator Arjan Ndoni. In a trembling voice she declared, "I just got the result for my Biology essay: I got maximum marks and you are the first people I wanted to tell. Thanks for this AL2013-Scholarships -A Life -Changing Project Resizedamazing opportunity. I will never be able to thank you enough for helping me to go to university. I give thanks to God who brought you my way." Tiziana is studying to become a nurse.

Tiziana also handed Arjan a letter from her family thanking MWB for our family sponsorship support and the scholarship. They stated, "We will be grateful to you forever because you have helped us materially, you have been our counsellors, and you helped our children grow into more responsible young adults. We know that there will always be difficulties and problems but we should not lose heart; with trust in the Lord and perseverance, we shall be able to overcome them. May God bless you!"

MWB offers Scholarships to young people from marginalised backgrounds. By supporting them into further education, MWB breaks the cycle of poverty. Tiziana aims to get a job to earn her own income after graduating as a nurse.

Tiziana is from one of nine families in our Family Sponsorship scheme who now have children at university. She is breaking out of her community's history of illiteracy and unemployment.

MWB's Scholarships are life-changing. They give youngsters a hand-up to build a better future for themselves.

As living costs are less than in New Zealand, $1250 could provide another scholarship like Tiziana's. If this is something you can help with, please contact us at our office by phone or email.