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New government in Bulgaria

Protests bring challenges


After three weeks of settling in, Bulgaria's new government aims to bring hope to a disaffected population.

BG PM FriedlnewsLed by Plamen Oresharski (photo right, friedlnews), the recently sworn-in coalition government recognises that "Bulgaria is in a deep institutional crisis, continuing economic depression and worsening disintegration of society."

Many Bulgarians have lost hope in recent months. Last February, the largest demonstrations for over a decade forced the previous centre-right government out of office. Bulgaria has the lowest average wages in the European Union, at about €400 ($675) per month. Its unemployment rate is touching 14%, a ten-year high.

While Bulgarians are frustrated with deepening poverty and rising unemployment, Mr Oresharski admitted, "Maybe we won't be able to become rich and prosperous in our term, but our minimum task is to give Bulgarians bigger hope." His main priority for bringing hope is "close cooperation with the EU", followed by plans to boost growth.

Although Mr Oresharski's new government hints at political hope, Mission Without Borders has brought tangible hope for a better future to thousands of Bulgarians for over 20 years. We have worked in Bulgaria since 1991:

•Giving thousands of meals to the elderly. Working in partnership with local churches, we serve hot meals at local Community Centres (mostly in the west of Bulgaria) - giving companionship for lonely older folk.

•Sponsoring over 100 families. Focusing on the rural community of Krupnik, we give hope for a better future as our family sponsorship scheme meets basic needs, and we support families to become self-sufficient.

•Summer Camps to meet the spiritual, educational and emotional needs of children. 100 children are on a ten-day Camp in north-east Bulgaria. Coming from desperately poor families, many of them have to work to boost the family income. At Summer Camp, they will, perhaps for the first time, experience true rest, have fun and learn about God.

Send a child to Summer Camp.

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