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After School programme kicks off - Romania

Outreach into a poor community attracts news coverage


Report from Lavinia Campean, MWB RomaniaRO2013-After School Victoria

(Reported also in a local newspaper - pictured)

A new project implemented by the Holy Trinity Baptist Church in Victoria started on 18 January 2013. This new project is called "After School Victoria" and it is implemented by Mission Without Borders Romania in collaboration with the Baptist Church Victoria:

"This new project is very important and the goal is to help encourage children to stay in school and with their families. We want to help the children have a clear direction in life and help them understand how important it is to go to school and have a future. We would be pleased to see that the children's parents really understand the importance of this project," said the pastor of Holy Trinity Baptist Church, Timotei Stinea.

The beneficiaries of the project are 35 children from the area aged between 5 and 13 years old. The children have difficult family circumstances, with parents being away abroad, solo-parents and poverty.

"The project is up and running 5 days a week, a few hours a day, as long as it takes for these children to do the homework for the next day at school and to take their portion of food in a doggy bag and a loaf of bread and share it with their family. The children will benefit from school supplies, shoes, clothes and many other things they need. The preschoolers and scholars will learn to socialise, will be taught life skills and the importance of hygiene and education. In the last 7 years we have done many projects for these folk. We haven't forgotten the elderly and the sick as they have all received support from us," said Pastor Timotei.

Many of the children who are beneficiaries of this project live in dirty living conditions, in great poverty. They are obviously happy when they come to the church to do their homework and pick up their food.

"I have to say we are lucky to receive such delicious food. My children are helped by this project and they are extremely happy. My husband and I do not have stable cash incomes and we take any odd jobs to survive. Our only income is the children's allowance from the State. Antonia and Sergiu are eager to do their homework in the special room arranged for them in the church. I left school after Year 8 a long time ago and I can't help my children with their homework," said Ioana Cirstea, the mother of Antonia and Sergiu.

"I am very happy that my children receive this kind of help. I am a solo parent and the only income I receive from the State is the social benefit and the children's allowance which is very little compared to our needs. The two portions of food that my children receive are enough for all three of us," said Doina Cutitaru, the mother of two other children helped by this project.