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Increase in fighting in Eastern Ukraine

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Christmas is a time to celebrate "good news of great joy", to enjoy a feast and presents with family and friends. But in Eastern Ukraine, where conflict continues, many are living in fear and in destitution.

People have lost their loved ones, their jobs, their homes; many elderly have lost access to their pensions; children's schools and hospitals are being destroyed. Food insecurity has doubled and 1.6 million people have been displaced. Over 10,300 people have been killed in four and a half years.

For many people in Eastern Ukraine, Christmas is just another day of waking up with a sense of dread. Many wake up grieving for the people and the life they once had. Some have no way of obtaining the food or medicine they need. Others have no access to electricity, gas, firewood, or clean water. 

After a lull in fighting in Ukraine over the summer, the UN is reporting the last few weeks have seen a sharp increase in civilian deaths, more than half of which are due to landmines and explosive remnants of war.  

Underfunding is causing agencies to withdraw aid: "This has forced agencies, such as the World Food Programme to withdraw from Ukraine, even though 1.2 million people are food insecure," states Ursula Mueller, UN Assistant-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs.

Mission Without Borders remains in Ukraine and aims to send 1,700 food parcels to the most vulnerable people in the war torn east during the winter months. The parcels will contain basic food supplies, treats, Christian literature and, where possible, warm clothes.

Help us deliever aid and the good news of Jesus in Eastern Ukraine.